trackingSelecting or tracking multiple objects at once may be limited only by ‘cortical’ spacing among the objects, setting a limit on individuation

statistical averaging
The visual system can rapidly extract statistical information from scenes

spatialMuch of our newest work is on evaluating models of spatial relationship processing


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groupingSome types of similarity grouping, including common fate, may only happen for a single group at a time

structureWe are exploring the potential role of the attentional ‘spotlight’ in influencing object structure

graphOur most recent work explores visual comparison in graphs and other visualizations

We are a member of NSF's Spatial Intelligence & Learning Center, dedicated to applying basic research to improving science education.

Lab news

Graduate student Lucie Xu receives NIH NRSA T32 Predoctoral Fellowship for her research on mental rotation.

Graduate student Dian Yu receives Cognitive Science Graduate Fellowship for her research on visual dissonance and graphic design.

Congratulations to grad student Christie Nothelfer for earning honorable mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Congratulations to lab alumna Lauren Kahn for winning an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Senior thesis student Jessica Roth has her paper accepted! [pdf]

Congratulations to lab alumna Heeyoung Choo on her new position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Ohio State University!

The lab receives a 4-year Department of Education grant on "Teaching Perceptual and Conceptual Processes in Graph Interpretation".

The lab receives a 4-year NSF computer science grant on "Visualizing Comparisons".

Franconeri receives 5-year NSF CAREER award grant, "Individuation in Visual Cognition".


Opportunities in the lab

We are always looking for enthusiastic undergraduates interested in learning about visual cognition research.